Renewed funding helps students make ANZAC history

Renewed funding helps students make ANZAC history Funding from the South Australian Government will allow high school students to continue publishing their findings in Australia’s Virtual War Memorial. Launched in 2014 to commemorate the start of WWI, Virtual War Memorial … Read more

Planning a school music tour to Europe?

Europe offers up some outstanding venues where your school, choir, band, or orchestra can perform. Imagine the acoustics that these buildings and squares produce and then add the ambiance and history. Some suggested locations that you may not have considered. … Read more

Contemporary Art in Italy

When you travel, do you look for contemporary art in non traditional designed galleries? If yes then you might find this project interesting. MAAM is in Australia at the moment promoting this via Italian news outlets. The objective of bringing … Read more

Linguistic passion and total immersion

John Kinder (NZ by birth), Associate Professor in the Department of European Languages and Studies of the University of Western Australia, being interviewed on the Italian programme on SBS talks about multiculturalism and his own adventure into the Italian language and … Read more