Greece – The classic phrases “origins of the first European civilisations” and “the dawn of philosophy and democracy”, ring true when talking about Minoan, Etruscan and Greek cultures. The Romans learnt from the Greeks and built their own empire which swallowed ancient Greece. The Byzantium’s were the next to mould mould the future of Greece. Centuries of turmoil ensures with the occupation by the Turkish Empire until the late 19th and early 20th century when Greece reverted back to the borders we now see. WW2 saw much connection with Australia and New Zealand and this continued post WW2 with massive immigration to both countries.

Unfortunately political turbulence seems to have been a factor from then on and continues to this day. Somehow they have managed to create a country and lifestyle that many aspire to. The EU has seen many British set up home on Crete.

Their influence – democracy, philosophy, medical, design and food is still with us today. Their music is instantly recognised. The words, Baklava; Greek Coffee; Souvlaki; have become known the world over and need no translation.

We can take you to modern Greece and show you ancient Greece – the music, food and art that made the Greek nation.