Ancient Greek History Byzantium

Ancient Greek History and Culture

The phrases “origins of the first European civilisations” and “the dawn of philosophy and democracy”, ring true when talking about the ancient Greek, Minoan and Etruscan cultures.

Our staff have had a wide range of experiences throughout the Greek mainland and Crete. From Zagoriato to Metrova to Meteora, Pelion, Athens, Peloponnesu and Mani.

Hydra, Crete and Santorini are but 3 of the islands some of us have researched.

Our own personal journeys have featured; Ancient History; Literature History; Food and wine; WW2 ANZAC history and hiking. We can also weave in subject matter related to Greek literature and music. For example, the 20th century origins of the Rebetika music style – known as Greek Blues, but nothing like its American cousin.

Brent, from Passport Travel, has some direct family connections to the WW2 ANZAC involvement and has studied this period of history in detail. He has also explored the ANZAC history of Gallipoli, as well as the Greek Empire’s footprint in what is now Turkey.

If you are also considering this region, as an option for a tour, we can assist.

Ancient Greek palace guards - Athens

Palace Guards – Athens

Sample Itinerary

Classical History Tour of Greece

Duration: 25 days

Itinerary: Athens > Marathon > Pireus > Aegina > Thebes > Eleusis, Corinth > Mycenae, Epidavros > Mystra, Sparta > Olympia > Delphi > Thermopylae, Meteora > Mount Olympus > Vergina, Thessaloniki >Philippi >Iraklio > Knossos >Gortyna, Phaestos, Agia, Triada > Malia, the Diktaian Cave, Gournia > Mykonos > Delos > Home to Australia

Classical History Tour of Greece