Will I be limited to one of the itineraries in your brochures or on your website?

No, you will not. These itineraries are just examples of the tour experiences we can create for you. They are a starting point for you to put together your own itinerary. PASSPORT TRAVEL tailors all itineraries specifically to your needs. You are therefore welcome to contact us with your ideas and itineraries and we would be happy to prepare a quote.

So how much will the tours cost?

PASSPORT TRAVEL does not publish any price lists for group tours. The price of a tour depends on a variety of factors, including the number of travelling participants (students and teachers), the time of the year for the tour (high or low season), and the package inclusions (i.e. type of accommodation, meals to be included, guided tours, and the mode of transport). PASSPORT TRAVEL will provide you with a quote which is based on your individual requirements and your budget. Please contact us with your trip details and proposed itinerary at your earliest convenience.

Are your group tours for school groups only?

No, you are welcome to contact us for any group tour you are planning, be it for an orchestra/ choir, local sports club, or just a group of friends