Le migliori gite scolastiche in Italia

A country most familiar to Australians. It is not just its unique topographical shape, a boot jutting out from Europe, it is also the influence Italian migration had upon the food and culture of Australia.

Mention the words, food, coffee, opera, engineering, art and you can add Italy to the same sentence. Think of brands that scream Italy – Lamborghini, Vespa, Gucci, to name but a few.

Work back in history and you have Etruscans, Greeks, Romans and then the Sicilian and Venetian empires. The 19th century saw the unification of the various city states into the modern Italian nation and the 20th century endured the less salubrious exploits of Mussolini.

Like in ancient Roman the 20 regions of Italy are the pieces placed together to form a modern mosaic and our tours are designed to allow you to sample a portion of this mosaic.