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Ancient History of Italy

Ancient Rome left us a legacy that is still of primary importance to our society today. Many of the principles supporting our architecture, our laws, our system of government, and language, have their origin in Ancient Rome. Most of our school syllabuses include units about Ancient Rome.

Thanks to our experts’ first hand knowledge of the destination, our tours take you to discover the most iconic historical and archaeological sites in the peninsula. Not only Rome though. Southern Italy has an important past as the most important Greek colony, Magna Grecia. A trip through Italy is really a journey through millennia of history of the most influential civilizations in the Western World.

Sample Itinerary

Ancient History Tour Of Italy

Duration: 22 days

Itinerary:  Rome > Tivoli > Ostia Antica Rome > Naples >
Campi Flegrei > Pompeii > Capri > Herculaneum, Vesuvius > Paestum, Venusia > Sorrento, Taormina > Syracuse > Agrigento > Palermo > Monreale > Cefalu > home to Australia

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Ancient History Tour of Italy