Start Organising Your School Group Tour Now

The hibernated world of travel is opening up! Not just for individuals, but also for school groups. We have a number of serious plans for 2023. The travel industry has changed and there are many more obstacles to work through. We already have many indicuals travelling with our non- school programmes so have come to speed with many of the current issues. Do proceed with your plans as we will proceed with caution to ensure it all comes together.
Quote from one teacher reorganising their tour.
I completely understand the caution. From my end I know my parents/students well and believe that the tour that was planned for 2020 was near perfect in regards to catering for the needs of the group in 2023. I understand that the price will have increased and that flight prices will not even be available for some time. I am so pleased that Passport Travel has survived, you are clearly one of the best agencies out there in my opinion and we would love to work with you again in 2023. I just wanted to go the ball rolling and start the process. Thanks for your time and let me know where we need to go from here. Unquote

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