A Unique Greek

Rebetika Man

Passport Travel has been operating adult special interest niche tours for many years. We also organise tours for groups of teachers and friends or family. Here is an example of a current small group adult tour. The theme could also … Read more

Language Express

LOTE - The Perfect Language Learner

Passport Travel and educationtravelcom.au started their association with language tours in the final days of the Soviet regime. We organised groups of Russian language students from Australia and New Zealand (adults and … Read more

Whacky EuroFacts

Tall Dutch

Something for your next trivia night

With towering twin peaks, one 5642 metres and the other 5621 metres, Russia’s Mt Elbrus is the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN in Europe. … Read more

A World of Sounds

Cretan Music

One of the great thrills, and souvenirs of one’s travel, is not only the experience of different foods, sights and smells, but sounds. I try to collect a sample of local music from the places I visit and have collected tapes/CD’s, from Nepali flute … Read more