Travel Scam Alert

With Qantas advertising a lot to remind people to reclaim their credits and a points bonus associated with this, scammers have obviously observed this and are trying to cash in! Investigating 209 Scamwatch reports received in the past four months, … Read more

Start Organising Your School Group Tour Now

The hibernated world of travel is opening up! Not just for individuals, but also for school groups. We have a number of serious plans for 2023. The travel industry has changed and there are many more obstacles to work through. … Read more

The future of airline check-in

Lets start the week with a some humour. We have all got used to ever increasing levels of security checks at airports. We now have the vaccine certificate on the horizon. The following futurist cartoonist illustrates a next level:)

How to get a crash course in a new language

You are suddenly departing for a foreign country and you like to get some grasp of the local language. here are some tips about learning some of the basics before you arrive. We thenn provide a link for a PC … Read more