Street Cricket in India

Cricket in India

India and Cricket seem to go together like India and Curry

Both Cricket and Curry are a result of the country’s history of colonialism. The word ‘curry’ did not exist until the British conceived it. Like wise the British introduced cricket.

Nowadays the Indians seem to have beaten the Brits at their favourite game, in that India is the financial powerhouse behind the game continuing on the world circuit

We can organise a touring programme, with cricket matches, in many of the areas of India. The quality of matches is higher in certain areas. It is also important to consider the time period you travel, avoiding adverse climate situations and local school exams.

The first tour program is an extended tour taking in many classic historical and culturally important sights, interspersed with local matches.

The second itinerary is designed as a stopover on route to the UK.

Both itineraries provide an opportunity to experience ‘street cricket’.

Sample Itinerary

Cricket tour of India

Duration: 14 days

Itinerary: Mumbai > Jodhpur > Jaipur > Fatehpur Sikri > Agra > Delhi > home to Australia

Cricket Stopover

We also offer a short stay itinerary designed as a stopover en route to the UK

Indian Cricket and Culture Tour Cricket Stopover in Delhi