African Music

Africa is a continent rich in music

We have a long connection with Africa and in particular East Africa. Our founder’s African connection started when he was a student in the 1970’s. Playing in a rock band he soon discovered ‘Osibisa’, the first African band to make it into the western dominated music market. He still has those original vinyl records!

He finally arrived in Africa to work in 1980 and discovered the pulsating sounds of “Matatu Music”.
Whist still maintaining connection to ‘Western Music’ his many travels throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s developed a love of what is now termed “World Music”.

You could easily combine a community aid tour with music and even throw in a safari!

Sample Itinerary

South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania

Duration:21 days

Itinerary: Cape Town > Johannesburg > Soweto > Nairobi >  Arusha > Senengeti > Karatu > Nairobi > home

We tailor all tours to meet your specific requirements.

African Music Culture Safari and Community Development Tour Itinerary