Long Duration sister school winter exchange tour

BGS (Balcombe Grammar School)  French Exchange arrives in France! In early December 7 senior French students travelled to Paris to participate in the school’s first ever French Exchange. After an exciting week exploring the capital, students travelled to Lyon where their exchange will now take place for 6 weeks, staying with the families of the French exchange students that were hosted at Balcombe earlier this year. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures and wish them a wonderful time on this amazing experience over Christmas and New Year.

Merryn, a past staff member with Passport Travel (educationtravel.com.au) and who returned to teaching French, used her contacts to negotiate a sister school relationship with a school in Lyon. We then worked together on a suitable travel package incorporating Paris and flights. This is a much longer programme (than most schools embrace) and has the majority percentage of the time living and speaking in a French household.

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