Lyon Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie – Museum to French Cuisine

Lyon has the reputation of being a centre for French cuisine. Part of the cultural experience of France is food! Many of our school group tours incorporate some visit to something cuisine related. Some schools will incorporate a practical cooking lesson experience.

Lyon has now opened a museum dedicated to french Cuisine. Perhaps this museum is worth adding to your tour plans?

It is “a museum that will showcase the history, present and future of the French Cuisine.There will be permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, demonstrations and workshops. Visitors will enjoy a space of 3,900 m², organized for education, taste, fun and interactive visits, with, for example, training workshops. When it comes to the tasting aspect, I can assure you that all senses will be fulfilled, and visitors will be given the keys to the pleasure of eating well – and eating better.”

Read about it here


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