Even in a modern world old fashioned human assistance wins the race!

During the recent school holidays we had 2 incidents where flight plans came unstuck due to, one being weather and the second was actually a strike by American Airlines at L.A. Airport!

A Community Development group returning from Dili was delayed a day as their inbound aircraft, from Darwin, didn’t make it due to tropical storms. They flew out the next day, BUT the airline had not protected ANYONE on the flight on new domestic connections to their home airports – they should have done this!

Giovanni, from our office, was soon on to it (as group was flying to Darwin) and after several long phone calls and much time on our direct connect airline reservation system managed to protect the whole group on the same connecting flights home – Darwin airport was going to split them up in all directions. The teacher told us how most other passengers had to buy new tickets as they had booked online and then try to sort out refunds later, if they could.

The second was a strike (contrary to what a passenger has been told) by American Airline at L.A> airport. Again it was Passport Travel and in particular Giovanni who got all members of the group protected on the same flights rather than criss-crossing the U.S.

Sent: Sunday, 4 August 2019 6:48 PM
To: Giovanni Di Sarova Passport Travel

Hi Giovanni,

I haven’t had much time to thank you for your work in supporting us. On behalf of the group please accept our deep gratitude.

In the end we had 56 hours in transit from Melbourne to Orlando. I am glad we booked to arrive earlier for the conference. American Airlines forwarded on our luggage so we travelled in the same clothes until we got to Orlando and Kristin had to wait until 11.00am the next day for hers.

As you could imagine it was already a short stay made even shorter by what occurred and your efforts in helping us cannot be underestimated.

Thank-you once again

Regards Steve

PS I wrote to both American Airlines and Qantas an account of what occurred. American Airlines were rather dismissive and blamed the weather and things beyond their control. Qantas haven’t replied as yet.

Steve Higham
Deputy Principal – Learning & Innovation
MacKillop College

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