Good Wishes to all for Christmas and other major cultural festivals.

All cultures have a major festival time where families and friends gather and many can lay aside the tools of their work for a short period and spend time on family and friendships. Christmas, Chinese New year, Holi, Hanukah, Ramadan all come to mind. This doesn’t mean you have to travel great distances, it can be just out on to your road. This is happening in the street behind our office. Local applied (to local council) for the street to be closed until 10pm tonight for a street party. Not a ‘rage’ ,but a time for those behind doors to come out and meet their neighbours.

Jay Cassells our covert cartoonist has surfaced from his South Island (New Zealand) studio and allowed us access to another of his seasonal masterpieces. We all send our good wishes for this holiday time and in advance for all the other cultural festival times related to our friends all over the world.

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