Whacky EuroFacts Did you know this about Europe?

Something for your next trivia night

With towering twin peaks, one 5642 metres and the other 5621 metres, Russia’s Mt Elbrus is the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN in Europe.

After Japan, Spain is the NOISIEST COUNTRY in the world. A quarter of all Spaniards are exposed to more than the 65 decibels deemed acceptable by the World Health Organisation. Ssssh

TALLEST GENE POOL: For tall, blonde and handsome look no further than the Netherlands, where the average height for a man is 1.8 metres.

BRAVEST MENU CHOICE: Hakarl (rotten shark meat) served with a welcome shot of potent brennivin (schnapps) is one of Iceland’s more curious snacks, and a bold choice in any language.

LONGEST RIVER: Europe’s longest river, the Volga, flows a mighty 3700km from the Valdai Hills, northwest of Moscow, south to the Caspian Sea.

MOST MULTICULTURAL CITY: With more than 300 languages spoken every day in London, the English capital buzzes with multiculturalism

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