Brent, was raised in New Zealand (and following a short teaching career, and a time guiding bus groups around New Zealand, he ventured on the big ‘overseas trip’. Whilst ‘O.S.’, he travelled extensively and worked many jobs, both within and outside the travel industry.

Brent has been a tour leader in Europe, a London guide driving mini-bus sightseeing programmes as well as ‘themed’ ‘pub’ walking tours. He has worked as deck hand/first mate on yachts and sailed the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Mediterranean, through the English Channel and along the East African coast. He has also navigated the inland water ways of the Netherlands. Being the adventurous type he also spent time travelling ‘overland’ through Africa and the Middle East before settling back in London. He became a director of a major adventure tour operator to the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Eighteen months turned into ten years after which time he emigrated back ‘downunder’ to Australia with his Australian wife Elaine whom he met in London. Upon arriving in Australia in 1988 he founded Passport Travel and has continued to develop special interest travel.