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American history is an important subject to understand as it has had major influences on our modern world. An understanding of its diverse history really illustrates that enigmatic quote related to the study of history; “How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have come from”.

Colonialisation on a massive scale; Conquest by force of a native population; Slavery; War of Independence and the severing of the monarchical yoke of old Europe; Development of the democratic principles of ancient Greece; The pursuit of capitalism and individual rights (with some notable exceptions!); Expansion by conflict with neighbouring empirical powers; Civil War; Unification and growth by immigration; the birth of flight; the birth of the mass produced motor car; WW2 and the birth of the first superpower, militarily and industrially; cradle of the blues and jazz.; Hollywood and its influence of the world; Civil Rights movement; Cold War; Man of the moon; IBM, MS, APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and the powers within these abbreviations.

Have we just scratched the surface? Perhaps your group wants to explore places related to some of the above aspects that have shaped the globe. Yes we can add Disneyland, you would have to as this venture became the benchmark for all future entertainment theme parks!

Sample Itinerary

American History Tour

Duration:14 days

Itinerary: New York ( 7 days) > Washington DC ( 5 days) > home

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USA History Tour