German Music Tours

Die besten Bildungsreisen nach Deutschland.

Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, play an important role in the history of Classical Music. Visit Beethoven’s birth place in Bonn and the Mozarthaus in Salzburg. Take a guided tour of the world-famous Musikverein in Vienna or the Semperoper in Dresden. Attend a concert of one of the many Philharmonic Orchestras and perform in one of the many Baroque churches in Southern Germany.

Whilst we can design and operate a music tour dedicated to a specific country, we realise that the majority of groups prefer a tour encompassing several countries. This does mean that a wider range of music history can be experienced.

However, if your specific requirement is touring one country only, we are happy to create an itinerary that meets this requirement.

Sample Itinerary

European Music Tour

Germany, Czech Republic & Austria

Duration: 17 days

Itinerary: Munich > Neuschwanstein > Rothenburg Prague > Vienna > Salzburg > Vienna > home

We tailor all tours to meet your specific requirements.

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