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Germany was first defined as a distinct region in Europe during Roman times. Since then, Germany looks back on a “wechselvolle Geschichte”. Every educational tour of Germany with a historical focus should include a visit to the “Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” in Bonn. The museum exhibits more than 7,000 artefacts related to the recent history of the “BRD” from 1945 till today. Visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde in formerly divided Berlin. With more than 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Germany has plenty to offer for every History Tour.

We recommend completing the “history lesson” with a visit to neighbouring Poland, then St Petersburg and Moscow in Russia.

Sample Itinerary

Eastern Europe History Tour

Duration: 15 days

Itinerary:  Berlin > Potsdam & Berlin > Leipzig Frankfurt > Krakow > St Petersburg > Kronshtadt >Moscow

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Eastern Europe History tour