French History Tours

At PASSPORT TRAVEL, we have a wealth of experience in opening the French doors of history to Australian students.

Whether your curriculum requires Revolutionary France, Australian World War I, World War II, 20th Century Europe, or Ancient Empires, our extensive knowledge of France as a destination both Paris and the provinces offers you the best that this historically enriched country has to offer. Our customised programs lead you beyond the usual tourist areas into a path less travelled to the quintessential heart of the country and its capital.

Having worked for over 20 years with our French Travel Partner, we offer unparalleled continuity of service with excellence for our educational travel clients. Our extensive expertise and experience in France means that we can offer you more than just the standard History Tour.

Sample Itinerary

History Tour Of France and Belgium

Duration: 17 days

Itinerary:  Paris > The Somme > Amiens > Bruges Bruxelles > Reims > Strasbourg Alsace Colmar Dijon Fontainebleau Paris >

We tailor all tours to meet your specific requirements.

History Tour of France & Belgium