Forbidden City

Chinese History Tours

China and History are not just words that belong together. The country has amassed 1000’s of years of history. Sadly, during a part of their history, known as the ‘Cultural Revolution’, many tried to destroy that cherished record. Luckily many ordinary people hid their historical items until better times emerged.

There is more to their rich tapestry than the invention of paper. The following designated UNESCO world heritage sites are but a small example of what China harbours:

* The Great Wall

* The Palace Museum

* Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian

* The Temple of Heaven

* The Summer Palace

* Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

* Temple, Cemetery and Family Mansion of Confucius in Qufu

* The Ancient City of Pingyao

* Mt. Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha


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Sample Itinerary

History Tour of China

Duration: 16 days

Itinerary: Beijing > Xi’an > Xuzhou > Shanghai

Chinese History Itinerary Designated UNESCO World Heritage sites in China