Languages in Australian Schools

Languages in Australian Schools

In days gone by French was the dominant foreign language taught in Australian schools. After all it was the official ‘diplomatic language’ and thus on all our passports.

As time progressed and immigration increased we saw Italian emerge. German came back as people became more detached from WW2 and re-embraced the heritage resulting from large 19th century influxes of Germans to South Australia. Likewise as Japan increased its importance as a trading partner Japanese became a leader in popularity, helped along by introducing Japanese as an option at primary schools. … Read more

Another biting the Dust! Europe’s Largest Regional Airline Flybe is on the brink of collapse

If you have a ticket already, be careful and consider a backup. Flybe is often linked with an arriving international flight to take the passenger onward to a domestic destination. British Airways often have these interline arrangements. If you have … Read more

Long Duration sister school winter exchange tour

BGS (Balcombe Grammar School)  French Exchange arrives in France! In early December 7 senior French students travelled to Paris to participate in the school’s first ever French Exchange. After an exciting week exploring the capital, students travelled to Lyon where … Read more

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