Soviet Army Entrance

Eastern Europe History Russian Revolution & The Cold War

Our Eastern Europe History tour takes in the most significant historical sites of the Russian Revolution, WW2 – including the Berlin Wall museum and Auschwitz in Poland, and the Cold War.

In 1939 Winston Churchill made his famous statement that “Russia is a riddle wrapped inside in a mystery inside an enigma”.

It is an understatement to say that Russia has had a complicated past. Serious history buffs may postulate that had the citizens of Novgorod (had a form of democracy) won the battle of Shelon fought in 1471 against the Muscovite forces (Mongol Tartar influenced and feudalist), Russia probably would not have endured the Czars and Communism.

The Russian Revolution is one of the base subjects of the history curriculum and when combined with the French and Weimar revolutions, a student of history can see how the roads were built that leads one to the world we have today.

Culturally Russia has many aspects we know well. Russian music is instantly recognisable and some of great classical composers emanate from this land. Ballet was born, raised and polished in Russia. Their literature has been translated into many languages and the names Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekov, Gorky and Solzhenitsyn come instantly to mind. Art sees names like Faberge become a world wide brand.

Our history and cultural tour will offer up some aspects that will help you answer that riddle, solve some of the mystery and illuminate some of the enigma.

Sample Itinerary

Eastern Europe History Tour

Duration: 15 days

Itinerary: Berlin > Potsdam > Leipzig Former German Border > Frankfurt > Krakau > St Petersburg > Kronshtadt > Moscow > home to Australia

We can tailor all tours to meet your specific requirements.

Eastern Europe History Tour