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New Zealand

The best educational tours of New Zealand.
The best educational tours of New Zealand.

We have a couple of Kiwi's in the office including the boss, an ex teacher from New Zealand. Other staff have travelled extensively throughout New Zealand. When the New Zealand Tourism Board operated the KEA (Kiwi Expert Agent) programme we were invited on as one the first Australian members and susequently won the pretigious KEA of the year award on 2 occassions.

The following areas that form the majority of interest from Australian schools.
These are;

  • Cultural
  • Geographical, geological and natural history
  • Sport
  • Outdoor education including skiing
  • Music - performing concert tours

Using our staffs knowledge of New Zealand we can create itineraries designed to extract the maximum for your groups benefit. In particular, we have specific contact within the education system of New Zealand, as our founder started his working life as a teacher in New Zealand. Although long departed from the profession he has maintained strong contacts with past colleagues who are still within the education system. This direct contact combined with our overall knowledge base ensures unique programmes and value for money.


Touring programmes can concentrate on a specific theme, or follow a combination.

Maori Culture:
General History. Dance, song & language instruction. Maori art, craft and carving.

Outdoor Education:
Alpine survival. Basic snow techniques. River crossing techniques. Down hill skiing. Trekking.

Volcanology and thermal studies. Geology. Alpine and glacial studies.

Native flora and fauna. Naturalist photography.

Rugby (Union and League) Netball Hockey. In the end any sport played here is played there and we can argue about hwo does it better!!

An ideal environment to take a school musical group, or choir on a perfromance based tour.


Feel free to contact us on 1800 337 031 for a free quote and itinerary.